An organic vineyard in Côtes de Provence


A Terroir with a glorious history


Many years ago, the templars were already farming the lands of the future vineyard Clos de l’ours.


The Vineyard is at the north of Côtes de Provence area and benefits from a micro climate with warm days and fresh nights, which is very profitable for our grapes. An exceptional amount of sunshine with 3000 hours a year and the wind protect our plants against humidity, which is a precious support to our wine-grower's job.


Seven different grapes, typical from Provence, are represented on the vineyard. Two white grapes: Rolle and Clairette and five red grapes: Syrah, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Cinsault


A traditional know-how, respectful for the environment…


Our philosophy? Let nature take its course.


Our vineyard has been cultivated with organic process since 2000. Since the 2012 vintage, our wines has been also organic, certified by an European certification.

We only make minimal operations to preserve grapes quality and stimulate natural process of fermentation.
This meticulous and precise work makes it possible to produce fine, elegant and character wines.


 … Organic, from grapes to bottles


We are convinced that the success of our wines depends on the way we cultivate our plants, harvest the grapes and raise the wine. 

Everything starts onto the vines: we work in a traditional & sustainable way: organic farming, ploughing, organic fertilizer, sheep weeding. No pesticide or chemical treatments.

Picked by hand (in small boxes) to preserve freshness and make sure only the best grapes make it to the cellar.

Concerning white and rosé wines, the grapes are delicately pressed. Thanks to the soft extraction, we take only the best part of juices. Then, they ferment naturally to turn into wine. We control temperatures during the entire process to obtain the finest aromas and a perfect balance.

Our red wines, also picked by hand, macerate during several weeks in steel tanks. Then, they matured in oak cask for 12 months. Our red wines are elegant, perfectly balanced and perfect for ageing.