Our Côtes de Provence organic wines


Our wines express our « terroir » : a special consideration is given to our vines, a blend between tradition and organic agriculture guarantees high quality grapes. Our vines, from 15 to 65 years old, are grown in a sustainable way.


We turn to wine our grapes, in a meticulous and controlled way, which gives birth to authentic and fine wines.

Clos de l'ours rosé L'Accent 2016

Our rosé, L'Accent, fruity and very well balanced, is produced from simple and traditional wine-making process, logical rest to the respectful farming of our vines. A clear, brilliant and pale pink color with an aromatic complexity gives it an amazing delicacy.


Blended from the five red grapes of the vineyard (Cinsault, Carignan, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache), the rosé L'Accent is a complex and aromatic wine that you will enjoy for the “aperitif” but above all during meals. 

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Clos de l'ours red Le Chemin 2015

Our red Le Chemin is a subtle blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. It comes from very old vines with low returns and an exceptional concentration.


The wine-making process is meticulous. The long maceration and fermentations are made in stainless steel tank.

Then, the wine is elevated on fine lees, during 12 months in oak cask.


The Grizzly red is perfectly balanced and has a great elegance. A red wine for ageing and authentic.

This wine is unfiltered

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Clos de l'Ours red Ursus 2013

Produced in very small quantities, our red Ursus, 90% of Syrah, is an exceptional wine for ageing.

Grapes, very concentrated, come from old vines with very low returns. They receive special attention from farming to wine-making process. The long maceration gives to this wine a very dark color and intense flavors.


The wine is aged in oak cask during 12 months, which allows a micro oxygenation and produces a well-structured and harmonious wine.


"[...]The Brotons’ 2012 Ursus, an elegantly jammy red, forever changed the way I’ll think of Côtes de Provence wines."

Alexander Lobrano, The Wall Street Journal, 7th February 2015. 

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Clos de l'ours white Milia 2016

Our white wine Milia is a character, generous and fresh wine. It is made from a blend of Rolle and Clairette, a typical Provence grape variety.


The Rolle gives freshness and notes of citrus. The Clairette brings the originality to this wine with withe flowers notes. An elegant and very fine white wine.

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