Our wines


Our "Clos de l'Ours" vineyard is surrounded by the forest, with a specific micro-climate and large range of temperature.
Our old vines (50 years old in average) go deeply in the calcareous and limestone soil to express a nice salinity into the wine.

Farming has been organic since 2000 and today we start the biodynamic conversion.

We harvest everything by hand in small boxes with a meticulous sorting into the vines and then at the cellar.
We make the minimum of intervention during winemaking process, with wild yeasts and no filtration for reds.
We mature all our wines on fine lees in enamelled steel vat for white and rosé wine and old oak cask for red wine.
There is always a nice mineral and fresh framework in all our cuvées with of course the South identity.

Clos de l'ours rosé L'Accent 2020

Our Rosé L'Accent is an authentic gastronomic wine, long and complexe.


This cuvée is made from a blend of our 5 red grapes: Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah, Mourvèdre and Carignan.


Hand-harvested, early in the morning to preserve freshness, fruits are pressed directly after being sorted. We make the vinification in enamelled steel.


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Clos de l'ours white Milia 2019

Our white wine Milia is a character, generous and fresh wine with a nice tension and salinity.


We produce it from a blend of Clairette, Rolle and very old Ugni Blanc.


Hand harvested, we make vinification in enamelled steel vat on fine lees.

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Clos de l'ours red Le Chemin 2019

Our red Le Chemin is a subtle blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. It comes from very old vines with low returns and an exceptional concentration.


The wine-making process is meticulous. The long maceration is soft to preserve the fruit and fermentations are made in enamelled  steel tank.


Then, the wine is elevated on fine lees, during 12 months in oak cask, which gives a perfect balance, silky and shading tanins.


This wine is unfiltered


Hand harvested.

0.00 €

Clos de l'Ours red Ursus 2018

Produced in very small quantities, our red Ursus, 90% of Syrah, is an exceptional wine for ageing.

This cuvée is made from a specific plot of Syrah with very small and concentrated fruits. A soft maceration happens in enamelled steel vat to keep nice fruit notes. Then, the wine is matured in oak barrels for 12 months.

Hand harvested.

This wine is unfiltered.


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